Dan Jonas

Trumpeter, Composer, Educator

The Spirituality Suite

While I have been composing music for over ten years, most of my work as a performer and composer has been as a sideman or section member for other people's projects.  However, I've always wanted to record an album under my own name featuring all of my original music.  This fall, thanks to a grant from Weber State University, I will finally have that opportunity.

In the last 16 years, my perception of the world has changed dramatically and many of the beliefs that I held have been challenged, reshaped, or even ultimately rejected.  The Spirituality Suite is my attempt to describe through music my struggle to reconcile spiritual beliefs with the realities of the world and to come to grips with an existence that is challenged on all fronts.  Much of the music is driven by intervallic and harmonic tension, sometimes unresolved and sometimes resolved in unexpected ways.

I'm thrilled to make this musical journey with friends, both old and new.  Levi Saelua will perform on reeds, Ben Markley on piano, Denson Angulo on bass, and Steve Lyman on drums.  The album will be recorded in Fall of 2017 and will feature a live performance hosted by Weber State University.  I look forward to sharing the performance, the album, and through those my personal existential struggles, with all of you.